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Do You Easily Get Emotionally Irritated or Overwhelmed?

Want to know & communicate your emotional needs better?

Don't know how to express yourself healthily when feeling triggered?

Overwhelmed with so many advanced healing techniques?

Address the Emotions Behind Your Efforts in Life to Easily Align & Recover from the Pressures in it!

What if I told you there's a way you can relieve that pressure you feel inside, EVEN when the emotional triggers haven't let up?

Learn to manage your emotions in a way that is healthy AND supports your natural progression of healing while juggling entrepreneurship, parenthood, and demands of life (& not create shame around it)!

Combining expressive arts hobbies with holistic techniques, my readings, workshops & digital products help you become aware, soothe, manage and release those reoccurring emotions to still feel grounded while you navigate different emotions!

I help you gain awareness & healthy management of your Emotional Energy!

How Do YOU Respond to your Emotions?

Emotional Energy is the term that defines the energetic aura you've created in response to your emotional triggers.

What's MY Emotional Energy?

Certified Art Therapy Life & Emotional Energy Alignment Coach and Owner

Bonnie Anahata AKA Thee Aligner

No matter where you are in your ascension process, it's important to feel safe with your emotions. I'm here to keep you aware of your emotional energy for better awareness & connection within to be able to manage & respond to your emotional triggers in a healthy way.

With our emotional energy services, you'll be able to heal from trauma (in your natural divine timing), develop emotional intelligence, and feel confident in your decisions no matter what challenges you face!

Book me to Speak at Your Event

Our services will guide you in how to...

  • Honestly address your emotional process & blockages

  • Soothe your internal self during triggers

  • Learn the root to your triggers

  • Release your emotional build up with holistic & expressive arts

  • Transmute & alchemize the emotions to serve you

  • Discover Emotional Fulfillment with Awareness

    a detailed assessment utilizing emotional sensing with somatic experiencing, chakra energy reading, intuitive messages and subconscious mindset interpretations.



    Emotional energy scan & analysis

    an empathic & somatic scan into your auric field to tap into emotional blockages in the chakra body.

    Emotional blockage evaluation

    an assessment into your inner child through your conscious and subconscious mindset.

    Expression assessment

    an assessment into the right expressive arts tool for you based on your innate strengths & personality type.

    Book an Expression Assessment

    Seem Like Your Manifestations Are Blocked?

    It most likely is an emotional blockage that is trying to alert you!

    Most people only think of regulating the mind when trying to manifest buuttt, the emotions are the reason your manifestation isn't there yet! 

    Assessment includes:

    • Evaluation of the emotional blockages you are experiencing in your manifestation journey.

    • A subconscious mindset analysis of the emotions that are blocking your movement, habits and success.

    • Learn the exact emotions to pin point and heal, to then get to your manifestation

    Book an Assessment to Manifest

    Personal Expression Workshops

    Personal Workshops to release emotions with fun expressive arts


    • Girls Night

    • Mommy and Me

    • High Vibe Karaoke

    • Customized to your personal emotional needs

    Personalize a workshop for just you or a group

    chose from in person or virtual & varying expressive arts (drama, chanting, painting, dance) packages for your workshop!

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