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Feeling unfulfilled in life? Dig into the Workings if Your Inner Child.

Finding fulfillment is deeper than changing your income, buying new materials and acquiring connections. Fullfillment comes from the innate desires within that is connected to your most authentic & spiritual self. Booking an EXPRESSION ASSESSMENT will uncover the wisdom of your internal fulfillment expert, your inner child!

  • Find the root to many emotional imbalances & blockages

  • Tap into your creative & artistic side (we all have one)

  • Find go-to ways to release those blockages that are custom to YOU

  • Feel daily fulfillment in life

  • Prioritize your fulfillment to work more efficiently 

Everyone has an artistic element they came here with that may have been suppressed but was meant to help heal & self regulate them!

Every tool of artistic expression is not for everyone. They are directly correlated with who you were as a child.

Certified Art Therapy Life & Talent Alignment Coach Bonnie Anahata provides reading & insight into where you have emotional & energetic imbalances. She provides a detailed assessment utilizing inner child questions, chakra and subconscious mindset interpretations to get an understanding of your innate artistic talents that are meant to help heal you.

YES! Connect me with my Inner Child with an Expression Assessment
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